Hi, I'm Caroline and I am here to help you make navigating your life easier and more fun, so you don't wake up in 10 years from now wondering where the time went.


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I got my M.A. in Counseling Psychology and graduated as a Published Author for my thesis work Experiencing Emotion Somatically: Fostering the Mind-Body Connection on the Journey Toward Wholeness.

My personal and professional experiences led me to become a life coach who focuses on women specifically, because I know how much potential there is in empowering women to use their natural strengths to create lives they love.


I am on a mission to set women free to be who they are and do what they love -independently of external expectations and societal norms, because I believe that when women wake up to their own desires and their intrinsic power, and realize their dreams and callings, they will spread the kind of happiness that will be carried through generations to come.

In essence, this means that I work with women who want to stop putting their dreams on hold and actually start living successful lives without sacrificing their health, romance, or happiness.

Being in denial of what makes you happy, procrastinating because you are afraid to fail, or pushing your way through to a “perfect” life is neither logical, nor does it feel good. Trust me, I know what that feels like. 


A bit more about me personally

A few short years ago, I was 25 and living a life that looked pretty glossy from the outside.

I knew how to perform, endure, and push through. I had made it far from my small hometown in Germany, was living in New York City, and was studying at a special pre-med program at an Ivy League school. I was on my way to following my family’s legacy of becoming a doctor or -what I told myself- would make me "successful" person, when all of a sudden my body caved in on me and my life came to an abrupt stop.

I started having severe back pain that made it difficult for me to get out of bed, along with excruciating pain shooting down my leg. I had always been a healthy and very active person, so having my body stop functioning and hurting was leaving me incredibly angry and restless! So, after months of denial and trying to medicate my pain, I finally discovered that I had 2 herniated disks in my lower spine and had to get surgery.

When you’re in pain and confined to your bed, you cannot escape your true feelings and emotions and so it was during my recovery months that I was forced to do the scariest thing I knew: I was forced to FEEL all of my bottled up emotions and show myself for who I am really.

The truth was, I had been miserable for a while, but too proud, too disciplined to finish what I had started, and too concerned with making other people proud of me to ever realize that I was completely estranged from myself. I was good at putting on a smile and even better at hiding my true self behind it.

So, to make a long story short, being in pretty severe physical pain was the biggest blessing, because it made me wake up and realize that I was chronically waiting for my own happiness to catch up.

As I was getting healthier, worked through a lot of my inner confusions, and started befriending my body amazing things started happening:

I met and fell in love with my now husband, I lost 20 pounds with almost no effort, and I left New York for the Santa Barbara mountains, where I studied counseling psychology with an emphasis on depth psychology (think the unconscious, dreams, mind body connection). I focused my Master Thesis on how women experience emotion in their bodies for which I graduated as a published author.

Today, as a life coach, I help women who find themselves in similar shoes and feel lost and overwhelmed with making the right decisions without sacrificing their health and happiness.

Over the years of talking to women on an intimate and very personal level, I have additionally observed how stress, denial of your own powers and passions, and lifestyle choices can take their toll on women's hormonal health (think: period problems, fertility issues, metabolic challenges). Knowing first hand how sensitive and complex our reproductive system is and functions, I have been continually educating myself in women's holistic health and hormonal health and how to approach the mind body system naturally. This is an ever-growing concern in ever younger women and I am committed to helping women solve this "scary" issue with confidence and calmness.

The truth is, most of us are tolerating things that don’t make us truly happy: jobs that don't feed our soul, toxic relationships, tired bodies, and worst of all relationships with ourselves that are filled with self-doubt and distrust.

I see so many brilliant women who spend their early years working extremely hard, following all kinds of invented rules, and at the same time putting themselves down, feeling not good enough and stunting themselves.

I help women take the courageous step to actually listen to and trust themselves, find work they adore, let love into their lives that nurtures them, and most importantly love themselves authentically and unconditionally without pretense or force.

Once we stop acting like we are not good enough, we can start living our dream lives. 


You don’t need to have everything figured out in order to be thriving, cheerful, or in love.

You don’t have to feel confused or overwhelmed by your passions and ambitions.

You don’t have to make yourself and your ideas small in order to make others comfortable.

Not everyone has to approve of who you are and what you do for you to be successful and happy.

If all of this feels daunting and BIG to you, let me tell you that I get it. That’s exactly why I have created my life coaching programs: to guide and support you through major milestones and decisions, so you can stop waiting for your happiness to catch up. 

As a life coach, I am 100% committed to helping women from all over unveil their authenticity free from family patterns and past experiences, and create a future for themselves that is aligned with their passions and innate strengths so that life can finally feel natural, balanced, and at ease.

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Happiness is available to all of us. Now. Today. Right. Here.


Caroline’s Credentials:

  • B.A. Boston College, double major in International Studies & German Studies, Minor in Health Sciences

  • Postbaccalaureate Pre-medical Certificate from Columbia University

  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Areas of focus include: Depth Psychology, Dream Work, Imaginal Work, Shadow Work, Mind-Body Connection, Child Development, masculine (Animus) and feminine (Anima) aspects in both genders. Check out the video production of my M.A. thesis on Experiencing Emotion Somatically: Fostering the Mind-Body Connection on the Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, Women's Holistic Health Expert focusing on fertility and hormonal balance in women who suffer from troubles with their menstrual cycles (absent/ sporadic periods, painful periods, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis).

  • Currently completing a 'Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach Certification Program' with The Integrative Pelvic Health Institute to begin incorporating holistic health, nutrition, and fertility coaching into my life coaching work. Bridging the gap between mind, body, and spirit.


Some things I am really into:

  • I LOVE Sauerkraut. Don’t judge me, I am Bavarian in my core :)

  • Farmer’s markets make me feel like a kid in Disneyland... so does Whole Foods especially on days with many sample stations.

  • Wild flowers, especially poppies

  • Sunsets over a body of water or the mountains (or both)

  • My husband, Raz and my cat Mufasa (who secretly wishes he was a dog)

  • Everything in nature (hiking, skiing, swimming, biking, outdoor yoga…)

  • Danielle LaPorte, Louise Hay, Martha Beck, Geneen Roth, Isabel Allende, Thomas Moore … to name a few.