Handling insecurity with grace, kindness and elegance

We all know that feeling insecure sucks.

I can barely think of anything that feels worse than that clump in your chest that says "I am not enough," "I am not measuring up (to whatever standard I self-invented)," "I should just go and hide before anyone sees my deficiencies."

Yuck. Not fun.

Because insecurities are so vast in a society that has perfection as it's sole goal, so many people try to "beat" their "embarrassing" insecurities that are responsible for everything that is wrong in their lives.

However, here is a truth I want you to know: you cannot BEAT insecurity.

If you try to force it out, your are only going further into denial and thus, create a deep split within yourself. You are trying to destroy something that is very real for you by applying hate, avoidance, pressure, and force. While you may be able to do this for a short while, it, in fact, only creates jealousy and envy of others.

And we all know that jealousy and envy feels just as bad as the insecurity itself (with the exception that now you are focusing your inner negativity and disdain on someone else... which is not the way to make the world a more beautiful place for you, trust me). 

Here is how to deal with your insecurities gracefully, kindly and with elegance:

acknowledge that you feel insecure about something (doesn't matter if it's a body part or a skill) and rediscover the love you have for yourself despite your imperfection.

Yes, you've got to go back to the root and S.T.O.P. expecting perfection from yourself. 

Refocus your mind and your eye on the things that are beautiful, bright, and amazing about yourself.

Give yourself permission to dwell in your imperfection and know that the world has amazing things in store for you even though you may not have Gisele's legs and Anna Wintour's resumé.

Perfection is the greatest illusion of our time and the main reason people feel such massive and debilitating insecurities. 

So, do yourself the kindest, most graceful and elegant favor and use this mantra next time you feel insecure: 

"I feel insecurity about __________ and that is ok. It doesn't govern my life and it doesn't determine my worthiness. I give myself permission to release this feeling, love myself despite my imperfections and move on with building a beautiful, fun life for myself and those I love."

Sending you tons of love!



Caroline Zwickson

Caroline Zwickson has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Women’s Health Coach focusing on natural pregnancy preparation, hormone balance & postpartum recovery for women who want to feel amazing in their own skin and birth happy babies.

Caroline integrates functional nutrition, life & wellness coaching, as well as positive psychology to guide her clients in creating joyful lives and fertile bodies. She skillfully helps her clients adapt to new food & lifestyle habits that are grounded in establishing physical and emotional balance and health so that they can make decisions that are truly based on their goals, desires and intentions in life, especially at the onset of a new era: motherhood. Knowing how to nourish yourself in a way that promotes hormonal balance and having a close, loving relationship with yourself is the best possible preparation for pregnancy and motherhood.

Through her own experience navigating hormonal imbalances after coming off birth control in her 20s, Caroline experienced first hand that the most important factor in achieving a healthy and fun pregnancy is how women prepare their bodies and lives before they conceive. Her approach to women’s fertility and motherhood is based on positivity and the firm belief that women have an immense capacity for creation and bringing joy and beauty to the world.

Caroline has been featured in The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Your Bella Life, The Beauty Bean and Cafe Truth. She has spoken at companies like Martha Stewart Living, Yelp, AMEX, Twitter, and Charity Water. You can find out more about her at www.carolinezwickson.com and you can download her FREE workbook guiding you through her top 5 tools to help you conceive naturally.